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About us

It's hard to even imagine life without dogs. We were accompanied by them since ages. In the begining in my families home appeared Ciapa -mongrel taken from Warsaw's dog shelter Na Paluchu. Then from the same shelter Klakson came to us -wirehaired dachshund at almost bassets size, really huge but with typical dachshoud nature. People who saw him reacted diffrently: "god what a fright" or "what a great dog".

In meantime there were other dogs which had a temporary home at our place, two of them stayed with us - Pusia - mongrel left in front of some village shop in Podlasie, second one is a a pedigree small westie Kapsel.

When Klakson went for the rainbow bridge we were thinking about a breed which was the most similar to Klaks's nature-Bassets. First one came to us in october 2005 - basset tricolor MARGINES (called Gines at home) from "Gang Długich" - looking like a black devil with a bandit look, and for real a friend of all world, always willing to play, cuddly which will always be awake to accompany his owner. 18 months later - january 2007 from "Z kojca Ja-Ry-Cha" kennel a basset tricolor bitch named KEYSI STANLEY (called Kluseczka at home) came to us. She loves all people and it's easy to see that none ever harmed her even with shouting. She has no qualms jumping on our knees and she's happy about every person she meets.It's impossible to dislike her. Our Margines made us a huge joy when as a 7 month puppy he won BIS in Gdynia in puppy class. After that there many more succesess. Basset Keysi didn't stay behind, they both are Polish Champions.

In 2011 were born the first puppies in our kennel. One of puppies-ASYSTENT AMBROżY has stayed with us. Our little puppy BAJKA that was born in 2012 also stays in our kennel.

In February 2014 to our crew joined another beautiful Basset – SEX BOMB for Basseciarnia

There are 3+7 of us at our home now: 3 people-Marzanna, Jacek and daughter Beata and four dogs: 5 Basset hounds-Margines (Gines);Keysi Stanley (Kluseczka);ASYSTENT AMBROŻY; BAJKA and SEX BOMB, west highland white terrier Axel named Kapsel at our home and Pusia.

We live in forests 30km away from Warsaw. Our dogs are not walked on a lead, they are obedient enough to come back even if they track down a rabbit or a deer. Dogs are treated same us other family members at home and using the same rules. Our home is a sanctuary of safety for our dogs .

Welcome to our Basset Hound house Kennel Z WYDZIAŁU FILOZOFII....




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